Welcome to Wildish & Co.

From global names to local initiatives: we deliver strategy-led creative that entertains, establishes and becomes the beating drum of a business.

Safe doesn’t stand out. Our team will anchor your brand into hearts and culture.

What is Wildish & Co?

We are an independent creative studio; headquartered in Clerkenwell, London and established in 2012.

Our creative process has been fine-tuned into the focused offering it is today. We bring clients into the design trenches with us and together, leave no stone unturned.

What makes you different?

Our studio is agile and collaborative.

We help ambitious brands to find an authentic voice… and use it with bravery.

To do this, we look for clients who are doing good, dreaming big and ready to shake things up. Most often, these clients report that our team became an extension of theirs, that they look forward to meetings with us and that we are an extremely creative, dedicated bunch.

What in-house capabilities do you have?

The Wildish & Co. team has been curated to span design, strategy, digital and marketing.

Here are some of the services we offer in projects:

DesignBrand Strategy
IllustrationCreative Direction
PhotographyUser Interface Design
UX DesignPrototyping
Motion DesignVideo Production
Web DesignArtworking
Campaign StrategyVideo Production
Marketing & ActivationPost-Production

Wildish & Co focus on 3 areas of design.

1. Branding

We craft dynamic, beautiful and strategic brand systems.

Our unique and collaborative 8 step branding process will keep you close, calm and excited throughout the project.

2. Digital

We build websites, games and digital experiences that entertain and convert.

Our in-house dev team works in sync with our other creatives to launch seamless and considered interactions.

3. Campaign

We produce intelligent campaigns that capture and retain an audience’s imagination.

From strategy, to production, to marketing; we will challenge you to think in new directions and uncover new opportunities.

Our Partners

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